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Diamonds Brokerage
diamonds and gems brokerage services

We at Namdar Asia Diamonds know the challenges that can arise when it comes to sourcing Diamonds and Gems and it’s our pleasure to be of service wherever possible. Please contact us to discuss your diamond needs.

Diamonds On Consignment
diamonds on consignment for jewelry retailers

Are you looking for a diamond for your clients and don’t have the budget or the confidence to purchase it for stock ?

We at Namdar Asia Diamonds are here to assist you with a consignment basis shipment . it is very simple and in many times very cost efficient for your organization.

For more details drop us a message.

Market information 
diamonds and gems market information

Since we are strongly involved in the Diamond markets since 1965 , we have the right market information you need in order to plan your diamond purchases ahead. 
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Diamonds and jewelry Advisory 
namdar design diamonds necklace

Our extensive knowledge about diamonds and gems brought to life many different jewelry brands.

We provide assistant to our clients from Jewelry design to crafts , budgets , branding and display.

Why to work with us ?
diamond cutting and polishing factory

Working with Namdar Asia Diamonds will benefit your business as We have been supplying the purest diamonds and Gems for generations. With a truly personalized service that values collaboration, craftsmanship and above all, trust, we source fully certified, non-conflict natural diamonds and Gems for renowned jewelers  and brands throughout the world. 

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