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Diamonds Shapes

There are many different diamonds shapes but just a few can get the most brriliance from the gem rock , here we summeries the top diamonds shapes in terms of top brrilance and popularity :

Round Brilliant Diamond : The round Brillant shape is considered to be the most popular shape as it is the most brriliant shape but thats not all , the round shape diamond is used for wedding engagement ring as round its simbolizes eternity.


Oval Shape Diamond : The Oval shape diamond is the second most popular shape , the reason is that it performs a very good brilliance after the round brilliant cut but also since it is longer then round when a person wear it , it makes his fingers looks longer .


Cushion Shape Diamond is also very popular amoung the diamond shapes as it has a great brilliance and it looks big compare to other diamond shapes.


Pear Shape Diamond is


Heart Shape Diamond is


Emerald Shape Diamond is


Cushion Brilliant Shape is


Kite Shape Diamond is

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